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“F*** you. It’s only a dog”, said woman after running over dog with car in Pasir Ris




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Animal Lovers League (ALL), a registered charity which is a shelter to about 700 abused and rescued dogs and cats appealed for information on the driver of a car which ran over their dog. The incident happened today (23 Oct) at about 10.45am near 61 Pasir Ris Farmway 3.

ALL said in a Facebook post: “Two Witnesses asked her to stop and help them with the injured dog. The driver’s response was “F*** you. It’s only a dog,” and drove off. If you know who the woman driver is, please TEXT or whatsapp Cathy on 91546422.” The car plate number is: SJR9248E.

The animal shelter in saying that it would file a report on the incident with the Police as well as AVA, described the injured dog as a “really sweet dog who loves his pats and treats.”

The unfortunate event which happened just outside their shelter was witnessed by several volunteers.

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“When the car ran him over, the wheel rolled over him and he was also hit several times by the mud guard as the driver didn’t stop, while he struggled under the car,” said ALL. The dog is currently being attended to by a vet.

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