Elderly cardboard collector stumbles upon naked man sleeping inside rubbish bin

A 70-year-old cardboard collector received a fright when she opened a rubbish bin at a back alley of Pagoda Street in Chinatown on Monday afternoon to find a man – buck naked and fast asleep – within the bin.

The elderly woman, who has been collecting cardboard for the past two decades, told the Chinese daily: “I was looking for cardboard when I saw that one of the rubbish bins was open. I looked inside and got a shock when I saw a man sleeping inside.”

This is reportedly the first time that the elderly woman has ever had such an encounter.

The elderly woman immediately notified a 43-year-old cleaner in the area who contacted the police. The police, who receivedĀ a call for assistance around 2am, arrived at the scene and brought a thin-looking man out of the otherwise empty bin. The man’s clothes were beside the bin.

The police conveyed the 37-year-old man inside the bin to the Singapore General Hospital. The rubbish bin occupant was subsequently arrested for drug-related offences.

Police investigations are ongoing.