“Don’t blame the system” – Chan Chun Sing


Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office Chan Chun Sing said that those frustrated with the Singapore education system should not be too quick to “blame the system,” at a dialogue session held yesterday.

Adding that “we (are) the system…and we are all collectively responsible,” the minister advocated to the 250 participants at the event: “We can be the agents of change, rather than waiting for the system to change … The choice is entirely ours.”

Chan’s comments came on the same day that primary school leavers received their Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) results. 38,312 of 38,942 students who took the exam qualified for secondary school this year.

Chan also urged parents to avoid blaming their children for not achieving top grades because they gave unconventional answers. This would make children feel unworthy and cause “permanent damage,” he said.

On whether local parents are sending their children for too many supplementary and tuition lessons, Chan said that parents should be “careful not to overplay it” but acknowledged the importance of children acquiring diverse skills.

The event, held as part of the Singapore Children’s Society 65th Anniversary Conference, was centred upon redefining success. On how the younger children can best achieve success, Chan said that children should excel by pursuing their passions.




  1. The government created the system and we’re expected to follow… and now that they’ve created the mess, he want us to breakaway from the system on our own? If we could suka suka changed the system on our own… we would’ve changed him. He’s talking from his as*hole.

  2. We will not blame the system but we will blame you, your team for all these shits you have created and to the people who voted for them or the system don’t complain as you asked for it.

  3. Nahbeh …”children excel in pursue of their passion “ ksmlj?? Kee chiu CBFm!?? The children ‘passion’ is to play marble and therefore shall grow up to be like you kee chiu CBFm playing with passion the marble of your master clown prince eh??? Nahbeh !! TCSS no 1!

  4. Rubbish!!!!!! Destroying n sinking S’pore. Destroying LKY life of hard work. Local breeds citizens soon to be OUTSOURCED by Foreigners. Especially the white collars jobs. Fail policies. World is not respecting S’pore. Then is the local faults???? Whose policies????? No visions n foresights. Only want power n huge salaries…..LKY lead n pull HiS people over the recessions. Not U all. S’pore already gone with the wind. The Best(LKY) n now to the WORST of all in S’pore history. Only know how to pressure it own people but can’t handle foreigners/policies…..

  5. When the government has completely lost touch with the people. They only think for themselves and not put citizens into their shoes. A government who does not care about its people, this government must go away.

  6. He is right but in this context, i don’t see if we become agents of change will anything. syllabus and exams are all set by MOE. So to say we can be agent of change is irrelevant. Scrap PSLE? Scrap O levels? Scrap A levels? MOE have been saying change results mindset for a very very long time. And we have 2 education ministers. x2 salary and not 1 salary divided by 2.

  7. How to become…. the so called…PM for Singapore…when you talk without thinking…utter out rubbish…like having demential …
    Better keep your big mouth shut …and just say …yes .yes..and don’t any how bark …like a mad .. d … maybe learn how to wag your tail…

  8. He is just one of the clown in the circus we have in the government. If he becomes PM I fear for Singapore. We don’t need military men and scholars. Just a bunch of bookworms with no practical experience. Don;t forget they created a crooked system and the 70% just blindly follow.

    • Aiyoh this bugs bunny where got asshole, so where got shit?. His brain grown st wrong place I.e. at his asshole, choke his shit and ejected out from his shit filthy mouth leh!

  9. What agents of change? We are already agents of yours for so many damn years now. We are known as pay and pay agents. We keep paying and u keep collecting. Why don’t our rulers, including you, of course, change in this aspect and pay us for a change?

  10. As much it surprises me… CCS is absolutely correct and said it brilliantly!! ” We can be the agents of change! The choice is entirely ours” Lets be the agent of change and vote PAP out of the Government

  11. Talking SHIT again this kind of speech i heard at least 30 years ago n now he is using it just how un resourceful n productive he is ti es changes please use relevant n effective speech not some backdated ones
    Do i need to pay u millions for yr worth? Maybe my challenge to u is to come iut of this comfort zone n government protection n try your “luck” in the real world n see what u r made of n how long u last
    Mr Kee Chew

  12. We won’t blame if not for the huge pay they are receiving. We want accountability. Deliver the goods according to your reward. If you can’t deliver, please move on. Why
    are taxpayers paying for people who can’t deliver?

  13. First ‘they’ say they deserve their top pay coz they are sacrificing their talent here making Spore tick, and not outside in pte sector.

    So much for their top dollar credential in public service.

  14. agents of change to change the system. bring in more alternative voices thru the ballot box at the next GE. enough of parachuted military scholars into our political system.

  15. Aiyoh this bugs bunny where got asshole, so where got shit?. His brain grown st wrong place I.e. at his asshole, choke his shit and ejected out from his shit filthy mouth leh!

  16. He is likely the next PM
    Feedback he is related to….

    Does he mean by Gov created the flawless system and if fail because we citizens failed to adjust to the system???

    Some of us are super smart
    Some are smart
    Some just normal or average
    Some maybe silly or naive
    Don’t take us for a ride or you maybe fail hand in hand with the system if you are part of the creation of flawless system

  17. https://wikileaks.org/plusd/cables/07SINGAPORE394_a.html
    Govt does not want more Singaporeans to have degrees[Link]
    ¶9. (C) Singapore boasts a highly competitive and
    well-regarded primary and secondary education system, but the
    number of Singaporeans completing a tertiary education is
    relatively low. Only 23 percent of Singaporean students
    entering primary school complete a degree at a local
    four-year university. In other knowledge-economies such as
    Japan’s, around 50 percent of students complete a university
    degree. However, according to Cheryl Chan, Assistant
    Director of the Planning Division at the Ministry of
    Education (MOE), the government does not plan to encourage
    more students to get a higher education. The university
    enrollment rate will continue to be maintained at 20-25
    percent because the Singaporean labor market does not need
    everyone to get a four-year degree, she asserted.

  18. I agree , we should be blaming the people of the nation esp the 70% who voted for you and your incompetent Boy Scout .
    Lower your ego Chan Chun Sing , you knew you jolly well don’t deserve that payslip .

  19. He knows but about governing and talks big. This Boy Scout acts as if he is like a fool. I think it better for him to go fly kite. He doesn’t even have substances to be minister. Just like a toy soldier.

  20. It isn’t just about one system. It’s the core of how we approach things – prioritise speed and cost strangling at the expense of everything else.

  21. The system was created by the first generation leaders n civil servants to grow and manage spore from 3rd to 1st world. However it is outdated and urgent need of a reboot. However Lhl n cronies want maintain system as it has made them very wealthy n powerful. But the present system lost its relevancy, resulting the current problems, and more to come..

  22. Our govt should create one new ministry. Ministry of shits & waste resources. He will be the minister of shits.Lim Swee Say minister of waste follow up by 2nd minister of shit, Koh poo koon. 2nd minister of Waste, Mr On you koon

  23. He is saying indirectly…

    The choice was ours to make…
    We (70%) choose them, so don’t kpkb and expect them to change…

    Instead, we should change to suit them and their policies!

    Come the next election, it will all be too late… cos they (the PAP’s white paper,6.9mil) would have enough new citizens to out vote the real citizens already!

  24. Yes you are right “no blame culture ” is today game. Many cultures have been developed since then. Do you allow and listen to True Blue Singapore said????.

  25. kee chiu only know how to bark commands in army.he knows nothing abt social system.do not blame the system,we have to change ourselves,did he mean if we change ourself , there will be no old people picking cardboard or picking bowls in foodcourt and coffeeshop , also old people can retire happily and like the china old people can relax, dance in the park without worrying abt livelihood.what does he mean by changing ourselves? kee chiu pls elaborate,if not u are just talking cocks

    • HELLO not just won’t become PM, kick this bloody bugs bunny short ass out of Singapore please. BLOODY USELESS BUM!

  26. Haha, you guys can set the system to put any president of your choice, and rhe system is so well oiled that even a Will can be ignored..so can we be the agent of change like what you said?

  27. CCS… how does it feel to know you are soooh unpopular. How does it feel to be described as despictable, useless bum, short ass, clown, dispensable, hmmm… the worst politician ever in SG?. You think u can be next PM? Lol dream on motor mouth!

  28. Sure…..when the SEAB wrongly administered the PSLE paper to the boy with Special Needs, that was the fault of the parents? Not the system? The fact that the pple behind the system were not even empathetic towards the boy. That was ok? That shows the arrogance of the administrators and the rigidity of the system – and you say the govt is here to ‘serve the people of the nation’! Loads of lies……

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