“Disappointed” Grace Fu says Sylvia Lim’s refusal to apologise is indicative of the low standards of Lim and WP


Sylvia Lim, chairman of the Workers’ Party, stopped short of apologising for an alleged false allegation, in Parliament today.

The Aljunied GRC MP had said earlier that the Government had floated “trial balloons” on a possible tax hike but possibly backed down after the public noted Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam’s comments in 2015 that the Government has enough revenue for the next decade.

While Lim defended her statement as “honest suspicion,” her remarks drew intense flak from Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam who refuted the allegation and asserted that her statement was both “dishonest” and “hypocritical”.

Shanmugam and Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat pressed Lim to withdraw her statement. Heng later wrote a letter and pressured Lim to behave as “an honourable MP should” and retract her statement.

This was followed by Leader of the House, Grace Fu, giving Lim a 3-day deadline to apologise for the “false allegation” or risk further action on Tuesday, 6 Mar.

In Parliament today, Lim asserted that she was reflecting concerns on the ground and that she did not accuse the government of being dishonest:

“I do not accept the over-characterisation the PAP MPs have put on my words and intentions based on their own interpretation borne out of overactive imaginations and over sensitivity.”

A “disappointed” Fu put Lim on notice for failing to apologise. She added that Lim’s behaviour is indicative of the low standards of “the member and her party,” and said:

“I would like to remind members of the house, that they may not abuse this privilege to misrepresent facts or mislead parliament, they are not entitled to make unsubstantiated allegations without taking steps to check the facts or knowingly maintain the allegations that have been shown to have no factual basis.
“By so refusing, her conduct falls short of the standard of integrity and honor expected of all members. I must therefore put the honorable member on notice, and the rest of the House too, that if she repeats such dishonorable conduct and abuse parliamentary privilege, I will refer the matter to the Committee of Privileges.” 


  1. Happy 38 Lady’s and Women’s Day!!! My admiration to Ms Sylvia Lim!

    Thank you for speaking up for many Singaporeans.

    Thank you for speaking the mind and raising concerns for many Singaporeans.

    I believe many Singaporeans will stand behind you!

    Kudos to People’s power! Power to be returned back to the people!!!

    Say No to bully! Say No to GST increase!!!

    • She (GF) talks like a step mother chiding her child and earning her of the consequences if Sylvia “misbehaves “ in future . GF already took the position that Sylvia is guilty of the “serious misdemeanour “ whilst in fact Sylvia did no wrong ! This is the way the pappies behave ! They can’t get you this round but they will wait with baited breath for the next opportunity to fix you ! Just you wait ! Deplorable , dishonourable and utterly shameful ! Really disgusting to watch such hawker center conduct being played out in parliament !

  2. Praise God for Miss Sylvia Lim who put her there to care for Singaporeans the devil want to put fear in their life it take a low standard person to call another if they don’t repent GOD will remove them and HELL is waiting for them WP will always have our votes.

  3. Ms Fu the way you try to play the games of one upmanship brings you nothing but scorn and it confirms the impression that a lot of Singaporeans have of you and your party. A bunch of mercenaries who are hell bent of squeezing us dry with your ever expanding expenses through the incompetence of your fellow ministers. You are not fooling anyone.

  4. What a comedy of childish MP acting like gangsters with Sharkmoogum the jester nobody laughs at demanding an apology. Why do he apologise for so many stupid remarks we can’t count. Grace is trying to show her iron a pap must have trait unfortunately wrong use made her a disgrace. I wait for the like of these to be kicked out.

  5. Kudos to Sylvia Lim for standing up to that obnoxious F.U. If anybody falls short of the standard of integrity and honor it is indeed F.U. and not Sylvia Lim! F.U. is one repugnant nitpicking, arrogant, who thinks she can push the opposition around. This is one Minister who should be removed from her Ministerial position.

    REMEMBER this episode when you next cast your vote!!

  6. DisGrace Fool lis a sore loser say Sylvia low standard. It is you who has low standards, hounding her for apology and threatening her with Select Committee punishment just to boost your ego. Now lose face and ego deflated run back to your master with tail between your legs.

    Sylvia is a champion of the citizens, you on the other hand is a barking dog

  7. It is the PAP that is dishonourable. They are the pariahs that have lowered the standards of debate in parliament by resorting to bullying, refusal to answer questions and visibly hiding and twisting facts. Worst of all, they tell lies in Parliament without blinking.
    PAP should be the ones apologising for cheating the citizens.
    Continue to vote for them and we all get screwed deeper.

  8. George Yeo ever commented that PAP MP are over-react and petty!
    Disgrace fools practise gutter politics and try to bully the minority in parliament debates!
    We, the residents of Aljunied GRC can apologise on behalf of Slyvia Lim if only madam fool agree to reply our letters, one by one with her signature!
    Madam Fool has forgotten that Slyvia Lim represent hundreds thousands of residents in Aljunied GRC! Her voice, her suspicion is also our suspicion
    We are already very unhappy with the 37% water hike, now town council fees increases due to water hike, and the white monkeys have very low standards to mention GST hike! How long can Singaporeans take their nonsense to rob us till we are very poor and they become rich tyrants! More divine intervention and strong message will reach all the ministers and white monkeys very soon

  9. Kudos to Sylvia for standing up to the intimidation and bullying tactics of FU. FU is one arrogant, obnoxious Minister who thinks she can push the opposition around with the support of her Masters in White! Time to rid these useless overpaid Ministers from Singapore politics.
    REMEMBER this episode, when u next vote!

  10. Grace Fool might as well be speaking for herself when referring to low standards. Her cohorts are also just a bunch of bullies who conduct themselves beneath the standards of a first world parliament.

  11. Accusing WP of low standards

    Has PAP exhibited high standards by not getting its members to apologise for misleading statements (Charles Chong) and abuse of powers and parliamentary privileges by getting the Police to reserve a season car park @ Yuhua (Grace Foo)

  12. Having watched the video recording of statement by Sylvia and Grace Foo’s assertion for apology it’s pretty obvious the latter does not understand the Queen’s English used by Sylvia which is clear concise and beautiful done with no slander whatsoever on her part

  13. We don’t tolerate bullies like pap thugs. All pap must apologise to the people for bluffing the citizens that they ” will not raise” GST in the last GE. And then twisted their words in 2018. NOW SAY SORRY TO ALL CITIZENS OR HARI KIRI!

  14. Lol…whatever you say lah DisGraceFool. Say left kena, say right kena. Nothing is okay to you clowns except when you get to rub people face in the mud. You not only do that to your political opponents. You even DisGraceFooly do that to your own helpless citizens. Puiiiii….

  15. I will be disappointed if WP dance to PAP tune. well done SL. WP shd shd not be cowed by PAP whenever they accused them of this allegation, agenda, score point this and that. Dun forget u r our pple’s opposition, not PAP’s approved opposition.

  16. A general statement:-


    Until now still talking the same issues and like begging someone to ‘ apologise ‘ for things she did ‘ NO WRONG ‘ …

    It’s a real dis grace fu and just look at her face !!!

    Like a gangster and so fierce , like people borrow her $$$ and never pay back to her …

    Wasting resources , time and $$$ talking and still talking about ‘ apology ‘ when she did ‘ no wrong ‘ …

    When they are wrong , did they say ‘ sorry ‘…

    Did opposition press them so hard to ask them to say ‘ sorry ‘…

    No one is perfect lah…

    What goes around , comes around Loh…

    1 day , surely kana the same karma by other people Loh…

    Watch your heart ❤️
    Watch your mouth
    Watch your soul

    Because… whatever you’re doing
    Whatever you’re talking
    Whatever you’re thinking

    ‘There’s 1 person watching over you and make no mistakes, your time here will end 1 day and you’re answerable to him’


  17. Aiya. You are not LKY who beat up JBJ. So no need to play old school old kampong politics of past years. Actually if you amplify her statement, she already conceded she made a mistake. So has Low T K. Just as the opposition people like Chee etc must grow up and not play childish games, must provide more intellectual argument, so must the PAPy grow up to work on bipartisan issue. Frankly the earlier we groom capable opposition, the better it is for Singapore. Looking around the world, no dominant political party has held on to long term power without losing the founding vision, the original passion and mission. Then some had infighting because of disagreement over future leadership and succession. Isn’t this the case of parties in Japan, Korea, Australia etc. That day will come.

  18. Low standard is still better than no standard. Grace Fu try to force Sylvia Lim to apologise. But Sylvia refused. Grace Fu got angry and start a personal attack on Sylvia Lim and Workers party. When someone doesn’t get what she set out to achieve. She will stood so low as to start a personal attack. And it seems this was enough. She attack the party she belongs. .if a person doesn’t apologise. .you attack her whole family. Need you stood so Low as to achieve your demand. In the end you ended up non the wiser…even Grace. .now had become Disgrace. .or even Disgrace Fu.

  19. You do know that you are using very strong words to accuse another person and party yar. What is put on notice? Anyway, one person did such actions. Why did you put the others on notice too? If like that, your party accuses your opponent even more times yah, then how come you never put yourself on notice? It is precisely due to this reason that the youngsters nowadays are not interested in politics in their own country. Perhaps there might be more foreign talent than locals to represent the public in the parliament in the future due to your and your party’s actions on your opponents. 令人心寒。

  20. Yo Fu, when you’re short, you’re short.
    However much you attempt or succeed at stumping one to the floor, at the end of the day, you’re not any taller. You’re still short.

    I perceive you as a spiteful person, and typical of a spiteful person, any gesture of good nature or goodwill will always be received with hostility.
    Look yourself in the mirror and see how much that is you.

  21. Sylvia..You stand tall.
    Getting very boring to hear her “beating” on a non issue…. semantics…
    I’m she has more important issues to raise and debate as Minister and MP.
    Let’s hear more substance from her as elite and civil servant.

  22. In this House where finding fault in others seems to be the favorite blood sport. It has long been the political campaign strategy. During the 2018 budget debate, the strategy…. so clear and transparent! Voters should rise up against politicians who want to find fault to perpetuate their tenure in office.

  23. Honourable Sylvia Lim is just carrying out her duties as a caring opposition MP. Disgracefool is just trying to muzzle the opposition. Which kind of parliament do we want? A silent one like in some countries or an actively functioning one that has citizen’s interest at the core of any debate. Afterall Singapore’s GINI coefficient is already in some disgraceful state where some people draw disgracefully million dollar salaries and many others have to hold two jobs just to survive. Thank you Sylvia for risking you position for our sake.

  24. PAP members must think twice before the bully; nowadays we don’t rely on PAP ‘s SPH to feed us news; we have our own eyes to see, and our own heart to judge; so please behave like a parliament member as elected (or self arranged) if not the netizens are more powerful than you thought

  25. 今年的國會是最長的,但內容有道理的,到底有多少?現在的國人哪會一味心向執政?部長們不以身作則,如何可以好好的領導?

  26. Disgracefool you are dirty you are dirty and does not matter how you want to twist and turn to hide your ugly face expressing full of egoistic and big bully attitude. You have a lot of things to learn from Sylvia Lim. My salute to Sylvia for her courageous and stand firm attitude.

  27. Well done Ms Lim – you performed your job well and courageously, raising questions and clarifying issues for the people. Maintain the high ground. There is no need to apologize for undertaking your job. The other one, on the otherhand – go back to your corner and sit down. Million dollar package to be a playground bully – so petty.

  28. At least Sylvia Lim is speaking for every Singaporean. As for you Dis Grace Fool Beech, what have you done for Singaporean? What you know is just talk and at the end of the month, pocket the citizen money for your fat salary. So it’s best you shut your CB mouth.

  29. Low standard on SL? Again the disgraceful ministress did an “ownself praises ownself” as if she has high standards ?? Her speech (I mean that Fu) and her body language expose herself as a very sore loser. To collect million$$ salaries to spew out the rubbish from the mouth is a very despicable act? I mean she can make amend and be a gentlewoman and apologise to all Singaporeans for causing a ruckus.