DEAR PAPA: Oxley squabble remade as Korean Drama trailer


A satirical trailer has surfaced, remaking the Oxley saga into a Korean drama show, as Workers’ Party chief Low Thia Khiang famously characterised the feud during the parliamentary debate on the allegations of abuse of power that were leveled against the Prime Minister by his siblings.

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Not one to mince words, Low had stated in Parliament that the divisive family feud has been distracting to the Government, Singaporeans and international audiences ever since it spilled into the public domain.

Low said that the saga is damaging the Singapore brand before adding, “This is not a Korean drama show.”


  1. Family hiccup. Please leave them alone. Just appreciate what is Singapore today. City flaws the government shall decide. Forward your sensible feedback diligently. For example, the cost of medicine.

  2. Once a man is married, he is detached from his extended family and no longer has any love for their siblings especially when he becomes rich with status of power
    With 37% increase in water bill, we the citizens of Singapore understand that he did not take care of our welfares
    Suddenly, God revealed to us so much about his character !!!
    A) After papa disappear, he communicates with siblings through very expensive lawyer who is promoted to be current AG
    B) Invite his wife’s siblings but not his own siblings
    Hope that the 69.9 % will know how to vote in our coming GE2019

  3. This feud I think has distracted Singaporeans badly. National Day is exactly 3 weeks away. Residents are not putting up the country Flag as in previous years.

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