Cyclist who did stunt riding on car roof forgiven by vehicle owner

Facebook user Aaron Rylan had earlier shared a video of two cyclist trying extreme biking stunts around an area where his car was parked. The video showed one rider doing a stunt by riding over the roof of the his car. Aaron’s dashcam captured the act.

Aaron said that the incident happened on 15 Oct at 2.06pm and that he has filed a police report. The video went viral.

Aaron has now confirmed that the cyclist’s mother contacted him through mutual friends after his video went viral, and that they met up on 16 Oct to “talk things out”. Aaron eventually decided not to claim anything from them – he also did not want an apology.

Aaron said: “I did not think it was right as the kid has a bright future ahead of him. I only wanted him to know about using the proper gear and going to the appropriate places to practice his bicycle stunts. We all make mistakes, so it’s better for everyone to move on from this.”