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This story of SOSD’s oldest dog who is at the end of her life will tug at your hearts




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This girl above is Joy – the oldest inhabitants of Save Our Street Dogs Singapore (SOSD) shelter.

Joy spent most of her life chained up, unloved, ignored, in a dark shophouse, alone, under the stairs. Her owners had moved out and left her there behind. When passersby notified SOSD of her plight, its volunteers went into the house in the dead of the night, to rescue her from a life of hell. Her ex-owners didn’t care at all.

On 29 Sep, the animal welfare group reported that “Joy is one of the sweetest girls in SOSD. She lumbers along, happily content. Even though her hind legs are weak, and she cannot see well, we know that is is happy and grateful for her new life.”

Being an old dog however meant that Joy did not have much time to live left – she cannot see, or taste her food very much. But yet, she was hoping to be adopted, and if she could not be – to spend the rest of her life in the shelter than at a vet.

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SOSD reported today that Joy is getting weaker by the day; and that she was already unable to get up, drifting in and out of consciousness.

“All that is left to do, is to keep her comfortable, and to send her love,” SOSD said.

It added: “You are loved by so many of us Joy.. We couldn’t find you a home but we will fulfil your wish you conveyed to us – to die in the place you call home – at SOSD Singapore shelter, rather than at the vet.”

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