Couple that dump oBikes in drain surrender themselves to police


A 37-year-old air steward and his 36-year-old wife surrendered themselves to the police after a video of them dumping three bicycles into a drain went viral last week.


Posted by Yeoh Pei Ching on Monday, 20 November 2017

According to the Chinese daily, the couple voluntarily surrendered at Bukit Merah East Neighbourhood Police Centre and are assisting in investigations for mischief.

The bike dumping incident appears to be have occurred at Lower Delta Road.

oBike’s co-founder Edward Chen had said when the video went viral:

“oBike is aware of the video that is currently circulating online and can verify that the bicycles in the video belong to us. It is evident that the perpetrators have damaged our bikes maliciously and we strongly condemn their behaviour. Our operations teams are working closely with the police to identify those responsible.
“oBike was created with the mission to provide a convenient, environmentally-friendly mode of transportation in Singapore and we would like to take this opportunity to encourage civic-mindedness among riders so as to create a pleasant experience for all.”


  1. No judgment here just bewilderment… what possessed them to dump the bikes in2 the drain instead of just leaving them on the pavement when there was room.

  2. Wah. Everyone here just want fire fire fire. Everything also want the person to be fired from their job. Let them get their punishment. They will be punished in a court of law. Not a court of public opinion. They are not wearing any uniform, thus not representing any airline. If im the employer, a stern warning will do. Imagine id he was a very good staff. Would you fire him based on one incident amd forget all the good things he has done?

  3. I personally find these bikes to b more of a nuisance thn anytin else…many users r juz as irresponsible by dumpin these bikes wherevr they please….if there were no supplies…thr wil b no demands..!!

  4. Why r fingers pointing at these people, they were captured on camera doing the not supposed to do, but did anyone noticed where were these obikes before this uncalled act. The obikes cud had been indiscrimately left on stairway causing incovenience to residents, young and elderly, in this HDB estate.Anyone noticed where these Obikes were?? Providers of Obikes shud not involve our home team officers with their problems, they shud go after the borrower of their obikes and penalise them. Sure one way to make borrowers assume responsibility same as those people who hire motor cars. This isn’t vandalism, but a very civic minded act for safe and easy access on stairway

  5. What possessed them to do such an unethical thing anyway?? For a normal-looking couple with regular jobs whom I think would behave with civility in public, is so very shameless here. Yes, I’d agree that if it was not because they were caught red handed, they wouldn’t own up to their misdemeanor.

  6. We’ve seen many instances of such anti-social behavior recently be it inconsiderate parking of the bikes or folks who are just destructive in nature deriving pleasure from wrecking property that’s not theirs. I wouldn’t be surprised that such bike sharing schemes become unsustainable in the long run and we will all be worse off from it.

  7. Karma will befell them, pay little bit money to use rental bikes but litter the Singapore roadside longkang like that. Steward or no Stewardess, BuaySong oso no need like that mah, there are others low income or people who wants to save money who cannot afford bikes but very happy to use these rental bikes leh. 没有公德心? Better Airline POK these employees out of the sky soon.

  8. Edward Chen should be so happy! Anyway, I don’t think there are enough rental bikes on our roads still…I hope they double or quadruple the number of bikes we see on our pavements now! We really need more bikes!

  9. You’ll find the same set of behaviours in those who don’t keep to the speed limits, change lanes without signalling, running red lights, littering, spitting on the roads, reserving seats with tissue paper and all other uncivilized traits.

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