China national acted in a suspicious manner with kids who were alone in Sengkang

Facebook user Erin Lee Mei Fang shared that she was disturbed that a China national acted in a suspicious manner with her children when they were alone at the lift landing of her block in Sengkang. Erin said that the incident happened a few weeks prior to her post on 16 Oct.

Her younger daughters ran ahead of her mother and older sister and were waiting for them alone at the lift landing when a China national approached them and asked ‘你的爸爸和妈妈在哪里?’ (‘Where are your father and mother?’). When Erin’s older daughter saw that her sisters were alone with a stranger and ran towards them, the stranger dashed.

Erin said that she did not make a police report, but was sharing of the incident in her Facebook to spread awareness as there are many young kids in her neighbourhood. She said that her husband expressed that the stranger was perhaps just trying to be friendly.  “If he was, then why should be run away when he saw Shannen (her eldest kid) approaching?” she asked.

Erin expressed how troubled she was by the incident and said: “This is my country – a place which in which I am a proud citizen – a place where we belong – it’s not safe anymore!”