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A viral video all over social media shows a man attacking a judge during his case proceeding and X users are not liking it. Furthermore, users feel that the attacker behaved in an “uncivilised” manner in the eyes of the law. There are several ways for someone to behave appropriately in court, and attacking the judge is not one of them. 

CNN states, in a shocking incident captured on video, a Nevada judge was assaulted moments after rejecting a defendant’s probation request in a Clark County district court. Deobra Redden, facing sentencing for attempted battery, sought probation, citing life improvements. Judge Mary Kay Holthus highlighted Redden’s extensive criminal record, declining probation. 

Enraged, Redden yelled expletives, attacked the judge, and threw punches. Though injured, Holthus returned to work, thankful for support. Her marshal and a law clerk sustained injuries. Officials praised heroic interventions during the assault, focusing on reviewing security measures for the court’s safety. Redden faces new charges and will appear in court for further proceedings. 

X users saying man who attacked judge belongs in prison 

Following that, X users state that the man deserves life in imprisonment without any parole. This does seem a little too harsh but it shows the sentiment of X users regarding the situation. Many are upset that this particular individual is disrespecting the law in front of everyone. 

However, others are defending the man stating that the judge smirked when she was about to sentence him thus justifying his unruly behaviour. Others state that he should’ve thought twice before committing any crimes that would’ve led him to said court proceeding. The user stresses the point that you should not commit crimes if you don’t want to be imprisoned. 

There are memes created about the incident. Despite the incident actually happening in Nevada, the meme states that this is the future of California. Regardless, the American court system needs to toughen up with their security in order to protect the judges who are there to keep the law just. 

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