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The plus sized movement has garnered significant attention in recent years. However, to conservatives on X, they feel that this movement has started to allow larger women to be arrogant and mean. Furthermore, a woman was recently seen describing “incels” typically known as men who aren’t able to attract women. She made severe derogatory comments about these men.

Currently, there aren’t that many stories on the mainstream media discussing this problem. For the most part, they are always woke and appear to be “forward” thinking, when in reality, they’re just bringing down others to satisfy their desires. According to the BBC, The incel movement, short for “involuntarily celibate,” comprises young men who express their frustrations, anger, and hate related to their romantic failures.

Furthermore, some incels describe their misogynistic views and extreme opinions. They often view themselves as genetic failures, referring to sexually successful men as “Chads.” Incel communities on platforms like Reddit, Facebook, and 4chan have come under scrutiny, as these online groups perpetuate harmful beliefs and ideologies about women. A counter-incel community exists as well, drawing attention to the dark world of incels.

X users weirded out by plus size woman mocking incels

The plus size woman was seen on a podcast discussing this issue. She states that incels are men who are involuntarily celebate and that they are losers who smell bad. However, X users disagree with her statement, namely stating that she isn’t aware of herself. A user comments that her self-awareness is at a -1000 level.

In addition to this, users are questioning two main things from the video. They are asking how she is able to gain that level of self-confidence. The other question is how is the chair she is sitting on able to hold her entire weight without collapsing. Some who are against shaming others state that they laughed at this comment a little too loud.

Following that, users are mocking the woman’s physical appearance by stating that she is a land “whale.” Users are obviously unhappy seeing an individual who would make a huge scene when told she isn’t the societal standards, mocking others who are also not in the societal standards. Regardless, it would not hurt for people to be polite to each other.

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