A woman took to social media asking others how to deal with her boyfriend, who “is a great guy” but is “also quite a sore loser”.

In her anonymous post to popular confessions page SGWhispers, the woman wrote that she was with her boyfriend for two years and described him as someone who “treats me well, smart, makes me laugh”.

However, she added that he “just can’t seem to keep his emotions in check at times. He raises his voice damn easily at his mum (but to be fair, his mum can get pretty unreasonable). He’s also quite a sore loser”.

In her post, she asked others for advice on how to deal with him because when playing games of any kind he would very easily get angry and even throw things around or bang the table, “but otherwise he’s an angel. I don’t know which is the real him”, she wrote. 

She wrote that just a few days ago, when they were playing with her family, he would whine if anyone else won before him. “That continued on for almost every round when nobody was even responding to him anymore (zero social awareness). Lose then lose la that’s just your luck what, why need to keep whining. Then he just kept on losing and he started getting frustrated, throwing the chips on the table at my family members whenever they gamed, throwing the tiles when discarding them, which is just downright disrespectful”, she added.

She also noted that whenever she played board games with his family and his mother, his mother would whine too, and he would call her (his mother) a sore loser. Whenever she (his girlfriend) won at games, he would accuse her of cheating.

After he threw a tantrum during the game, her mother felt guilty for winning and even offered to return the $70 to her boyfriend. “I was so angry that he is a full grown adult already yet can’t even manage his own emotions well, but I didn’t say anything during the mj. At the end of the mj session my bf and I went into my room and I straight away told him “if you’re gonna be such a sore loser then just don’t come play next time already”. He went silent afterwards. We barely talked after that and he went home the next day”.

Netizens who commented on her post found a lot of red flags in his behaviour and told her to be careful. They even cautioned that he could be violent with her someday.

Here’s what they said: