In a rather shocking post, a netizen accused his neighbours of abusing their maids, to the point where two of the helpers escaped.

In an anonymous post to popular confessions page, the netizen wrote that his neighbour’s first maid “jumped down the rubbish chute (she survived) to escape, the second starved”.

He added that both maids have escaped to go back to their own countries, and wrote that the neighbours did not have a maid at the moment.

“I actually always hated them because they kick our items (we have a small sofa outside the house) or use it as a footstool for wearing their shoes, while throwing their items everywhere. I wish I could put chilli in their shoes or a cockroach under their door. I hate them so much. What stops me is that they will likely never move and I don’t want my parents (who also don’t plan to move) to be involved in years of conflict with them”, the netizen wrote.

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He added that his neighbours had grandchildren. Because of his hatred towards them, he even wished ill on their grandchildren.

Netizens who commented on the post advised the man to move out of his parent’s home. Otherwise, they urged him to use his time and energy productively instead of wishing harm on his neighbour’s grandchildren, who did nothing wrong.

Here’s what they said:

Not all neighbours are rotten eggs though.

A netizen who was curious about his rich neighbour took to social media to share some of the strange patterns he observed.

In an anonymous post to popular confessions page SGWhispers, a netizen wrote that he had just moved into his BTO flat “in a humble and modest neighbourhood. The neighbours are quite close because some of us in the estate came from the same rental flats and upgraded to our bto”.

He said that out of all his neighbours, he noticed that one was extremely quiet and kept to himself most of the time, but would still greet the rest whenever he saw them around. Though the rest tried to get close to their neighbour to make friends, they found that he would still respectfully maintain his distance. However, after a while, the lot suspected that their neighbour was very rich.

Quiet BTO flat neighbour seen wearing flashy watches, expensive shoes, and all his friends own supercars, but he keeps to himself