The wife on the receiving end of an infidel husband took to social media to vent her anger on the other woman.

In an anonymous post to popular confessions page SGWhispers, the wife referred to the woman her husband was in a relationship with as Xiao San. In mandarin, 小三 colloquially refers to the other woman; someone romantically involved with a person already in a committed relationship; mistress. 

The wife wrote that Xiao San is in her mid-20s, and graduated from a well-known university in Singapore with a major in accountancy. “She’s currently working in a company of car rental business. She had a fiancé which (sic) they had gotten BTO and gonna married soon. However she is somehow unsatisfied with her own relationship”.

According to the wife, Xiao San got to know her husband after she began working at the same company. Despite knowing he had a newborn back home, she “chose to develop the relationship into illicit affairs and break up with her fiancé”. In her post, the wife wrote that she confronted the woman and called her parents as well but Xiao San kept badgering her husband.

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“This home-wrecker has successfully breaks the family and causes the innocent baby to grow up in a broken family. Don’t understand how could she being so shameless and insist to be a home-wrecker when she knows the man’s whole family hates her and will never accept her”, the wife added, wishing ill on their illicit relationship.

Netizens who commented on the post blamed the woman’s husband.