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SINGAPORE: A man took to social media asking how he could get over a woman he considered to be the perfect one for him.

In an anonymous post to popular confessions page SGWhispers, the man wrote that he “met the perfect woman, I was even lucky enough to have her consider me. But I didn’t manage to secure her”. He added that despite him being conferred with three degrees before the age of 30, she “picked a guy who didn’t even have a degree or diploma. I try to understand why but I just couldn’t”.

The man wrote that he was not taller or richer than the guy, although he added that those were not why she rejected him.

“I would assume most women would find me eligible given my talents academically wise and my projected income in years to come. I’m quite confident I can provide better for her than the other guy. But I have no choice but to move on. Now I’m back in the dating scene. I just can’t find anyone who’s better than her. How do I proceed?” the man wrote.

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The woman took to social media in an anonymous post on confessions page SGWhispers asking netizens for advice on what she should do.

In her post, the woman said that she loves her ex-boyfriend deeply and was trying to salvage the relationship with him. Their relationship ended when he found her stalking him on dating apps. She may have been stalking him on the apps, but he was chatting with and meeting other girls.

“His ego was high and he didn’t want the relationship back. But I can’t lose him totally as my feeling for him was too strong”, the woman wrote.

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On the other hand, she wrote that there was another “guy who never fails to give up on me despite my several rejection. He willing to wait for me to move on and we start with friend first. He said willing to wait no matter how long. He will check on me every 2 weeks as I told him not to text me often and I won’t reply. He was a nice guy overall, much more good looking than my ex, patient and gentleman”.

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