In a post documenting his petty argument with his girlfriend, a man shared that he thought he needed to break up with her.

In his post, he wrote that they had fought twice the day before and he was trying to “convince her to meet up with our mutual friend’s new gf, but she didn’t want to”. Despite this, he tried to persuade her to meet their friend’s girlfriend, which is when things went wrong.

“Things get a bit heated when she started saying that I’m affecting her and I should not disturb her as she is ‘resting’ at home. Then she started words like “we should live our own lives then” and “fine, no contact”. (her exact words)”, the man wrote. When he checked in with his girlfriend four hours later, he asked her not to threaten ending the relationship during arguments, to which she replied that she “did it for a good reason”.

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“She said I need to deal with issues better, that I need a woman to live, and that I am acting like a “below average man”. Needless to say, the argument felt like it was not going to conclude and the words she was using is getting worse”, he wrote.

His girlfriend also said that there was no problem, to begin with, and told the man not to create any.

“Throughout the entire time, I’ve been trying to tell her how her words had been affecting me, she began bringing up our past fights, and that’s when I realise, that the fight was not going to end, she was never going to care about how I felt, and I stopped replying”, he wrote, thanking netizens for “reading about my pathetic relationship life”.

Netizens who commented on the post blamed the man for forcing his girlfriend to meet their mutual friend’s new partner when she did not want to. They also added that he should not have continued to argue with her hours later when he had not calmed down himself.

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Here’s what they said: