Love is a peculiar thing. Recently, a woman went viral on X after recording herself getting a tattoo of her boyfriend’s name on her head. Furthermore, users are finding this to be peculiar and strange. Not many are agreeing with the woman’s decision as they feel that relationships today are generally temporary. 

According to the Hindustan Times, an Instagram user and content creator, Ana Stanskovsky, posted a video in which she had the name ‘Kevin’ tattooed on her forehead. The clip garnered attention on social media, sparking doubts about the authenticity of the tattoo and mixed reactions from netizens. 

Following that, many criticized the act, deeming it “stupid,” while others questioned whether it was real ink. Stanskovsky defended her decision, explaining that it was a way to express her love for her boyfriend and asserted that she would never regret it. The video was met with both skepticism and curiosity, with some believing it was genuine and others considering it a skit.

X users react to the woman tattooing boyfriend’s name on her forehead

One of the first comments responding to this situation states that this is why it’s important for fathers to spend time with their daughters. Many feel that this could be the result of an absent father from a child’s life. Furthermore, many still find it odd and peculiar that someone is able to do something like this. 


In addition to this, X users state that she would probably be only dating Kevins for the rest of her life. If they break up, his name is forever etched onto her forehead. Another user states that it would be odd if the next guy she dates will be Kevin II or III and so on. Normally, tattooing the name of your loved one on your arms is a more common thing. 


X users state that typically, tattoo artists will inform their customers that this is not a good idea. However, they remark that some are in it for the business and would not care enough to warn their customers of potentially giving them a reminder about a short period of their life. Regardless, X users seem to be disappointed in the tattoo artist as well. 

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