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The rise of men avoiding woke women isn’t as surprising as one might think. Typically, ultra liberal women are the ones making scenes on social media. Furthermore, it appears that most men are generally more conservative than their female counterparts. It is unfortunate that the dating scene has turned this way in the 2020s. 

However, there are a lack of sources discussing this matter, and most available are discussing how important it is to date a woke woman. According to sources, the term “irrespective” signifies an action or statement made without regard for other factors. For instance, despite the rising cost of living pressuring many, the government proceeded with Brexit, asserting it wouldn’t have significant economic repercussions. 

Some men claim not to date “woke” women, suggesting they perceive themselves as “victims,” irrespective of the validity of their claims. This has ignited debates of the apparent denial of racism and sexism, which some see as gaslighting.

Despite this, most individuals see dating as a preference. If a man refuses to date a woke woman, it is his right to do so. Likewise for a woman who refuses to date a man below 6 feet, most conservatives see both of these as a preference. 

Men avoiding to date woke women 


X users state that they are avoiding woke women simply due to their complaining about minor inconveniences in life. Furthermore, they are tired of hearing them complaining about their vegan cats and how the “man” is still oppressing them. There still are women being oppressed by men in some parts of the world, but times have changed. 

A man claims that he can’t stand being around woke women as they would often start arguments with him. However, another user claims that woke individuals in general tend to not argue with people but instead force their beliefs onto others. If another person refuses to believe them, they would be branded as a bigot. 


Another user claims that most men would be happier with a conservative woman as they would raise their children. Regardless, this is a subjective statement as there are conservative women who would prefer to have a job and bring money into their households. 

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