Facebook user Aisyah Attan expressed unhappiness that the doctors decided to take her brother’s organs even without the family’s consent. She had earlier taken down her post, but reposted it soon after because her family has agreed to “spread awareness of HOTA to Singaporeans and permanent residents.” “HOTA is real. If u dont opt out, it automatically assumes that u are in,” she added.

The following is what Aisyah said in her Facebook.

I have decided to repost my previous status because my family has agreed to spread awareness of HOTA to singaporeans and permanent residents. HOTA is real. If u dont opt out, it automatically assumes that u are in. Once u die, they will cut u up and take ur liver, heart, kidneys and cornea, whichever is/are still healthy. This applies to Singaporeans and permanent residents of a certain age group. It doesnt matter if ur next-of-kin disagrees. It doesnt matter who in this world disagrees. There are no loopholes in this HOTA system. Trust me, we have tried everything.

Yes, i know that there are others out there who really need healthy, working organs. But this is not the way to get them. Donations are given sincerely, from the heart. U cant rob my brother’s organs and claim that it is donation. U cant rob someone’s family member of their organs and assume that it is “a good thing because ur son is helping others”. Yes, he will be helping others but ur method of taking it from him is questionable. It is not donation. It is stealing. When someone robs u of ur money or property, they are treated as criminals and will be punished according to the law. But why, when these people come and take these organs away from ur loved one without ur consent, is no one punished but the family themselves?

Im not forcing u to opt out. Neither am i forcing u to opt in. Im saying that u have a choice, and that u should be aware of it. The least these HOTA people can do is to remind eligible singaporeans and PRs to opt out or in. Inform and educate that opting out has its own set of repercussions. Inform, educate, remind at least once a year, or twice a year, or every month, or every week, or everyday. Because everyday someone dies and their loved ones have to go through this same pain that my family and his loved ones had to go through. It isnt right. No one should go through this pain. It wasnt my brother’s fault for not signing and opting out. It was the HOTA people’s fault for not reminding. Arrest me for spreading awareness. I am just doing ur job.

If u are in, let ur loved ones know. Let them understand that that is ur choice. That ur heart, ur liver, ur kidneys, and/or ur cornea will help others live better lives. Because a part of u will continue living in someone else. But if u are out, sign the damn form and submit it. Because this thing is real. Because ur loved ones will get hurt. Because it matters. Do it immediately. Because no one promised u tomorrow.

We have accepted that it is by Allah’s will that we had to go through this experience. To the people who think u have received my brother’s heart, liver and/or kidneys, pray for my brother. Muhammad Muslim bin Attan. Remember my brother. Visit him at the Muslim Cemetery. He is a caring man. He loves, loves, loves his wife and kids very much. He would do anything for them. He is a funny man. Strong, determined, neat, strict, handsome, cool but selenge and annoying to the max sometimes. Remember him. Remember HOTA. Spread this. No one has to go through this.

*edit: he collapsed on the way back from the clinic.