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In the last five years, the US Army has appeared to be more open towards their soldier’s personal choices. To many it seems as something positive, while to conservatives, they’re seeing it as something negative. However, with the recent illegal migrant crisis, a lot of veterans complained that their services have been allegedly reduced.  

According to Breitbart, White recruits for the US Army dropped nearly 50% in five years, aligning with efforts to diversify, missing 2023’s 65,000 target by 10,000. Internal data shows white recruits went from 44,042 in 2018 to 25,070 in 2023, marking a significant 6% drop from 2022. 

Black and Hispanic recruitments remained relatively stable, but due to the white recruit decline, their percentages increased by four and seven, respectively. Some Army officials attribute the dip to conservative criticism of “wokeness,” obesity, and public education. 

The Gen Z recruitment campaign faced backlash. Despite speculations, the white recruitment decline remains puzzling to Army staff and isn’t easily explained.

Conservatives are blaming wokeness for US army recruit decline 

There are several conservatives blaming the current social problems for the decline in military service. Furthermore, X users claim that they are underpaid and would probably have to learn how woke culture deals with things. Another user states that in the army, soldiers would typically have the backs of others, but they are not so sure with that today. 

Some users state that the military is using migrants as soldiers. However, it is unclear how true this statement is. Several conservative pages on X are discussing the decline of specifically White recruits in the army. 

There are some who claim that this is exactly what happened to the Romans. This subtly implies that America is slowly headed to a downfall and there’s no return from it if nothing is done now. 

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