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Conservative Americans have been talking that the Democrat government might be coming for their homes. However, Massachusetts began to ask their residents for help in order to house illegal immigrants a few months ago. For obvious reasons, conservatives on social media are lashing out with this information. 

According to sources, in August, Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey urged residents to volunteer to host migrants, addressing a surge in arrivals. Despite a state of emergency declared on the same day due to a lack of shelter, there’s neither a law nor proposed bill mandating residents to host migrants. 

Healey’s plea, captured in a viral tweet, emphasised the need for safe housing but didn’t institute a requirement.

Liberals are stating that the fact the state is forcing residents to house these illegal migrants is false. However, the fact remains that the state is asking for their residents to house these people in order to “help” them. For the time being, it is not a mandatory requirement. 

Conservatives stating “they’re coming for our homes” after Massachusetts asking residents help 

Following that, conservatives also state that these politicians themselves would probably not house these illegal migrants in their own home. The stance on illegal migration is that these individuals should be deported, which is the perspective of the conservative Americans. 


Regardless, conservatives state that this is what local residents voted for. Others state that no matter how bad the situation gets, Democrat supporters will continue voting for these problems to continue in their respective states. 

Others state that there will be “no way” they would house an illegal migrant in their home. Response to that post state that this has been done before and the results were unsatisfactory. 

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