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Previously, engineers, pilots and other skillful occupations were hired by the most qualified individuals. Unfortunately, if we turn back time to the 1950s and 1960s, these jobs were solely reserved for White men. However, in our modern day and age, merit alone should be the proper grounds for jobs that require technical skills. 

According to the New York Post, Elon Musk criticizes Boeing for shifting executive incentives from safety to diversity, equity, and inclusion targets in a 2022 proxy statement. Musk questions prioritising DEI over safety, referring to the recent Alaska Airlines flight incident. 

Furthermore, the aircraft manufacturer’s change aims to align with climate and DEI goals. Boeing’s 2023 report indicates tying incentive compensation to inclusion, setting ambitious diversity hiring targets. Musk insists that DEI initiatives may lead to fatalities, citing the Alaska Airlines emergency landing. 

United Airlines also discovers issues in Boeing 737 MAX 9 jets after inspections. 

X users agree with Elon Musk and feel unsafe with airlines and aircraft manufacturers prioritising DEI 


X user state that there is a lack of people of color that are pilots to begin with. Let alone if they’re women. Furthermore, prioritising DEI would mean that people that are less qualified would be given the job in order to fill a diversity quota. 

Air travel is one of the most sensitive modes of travelling we have today, and those flying and building these machines should be the best qualified. Inclusivity should not be the priority of these companies, but rather safety. 

Others state that the woke individuals would still be perfectly happy despite a few plane crashes and incidents solely due to DEI. However, some claim that these individuals are qualified or similarly qualified to White men in the industry. These companies may factor in the race of the applicant if they’re similarly qualified. 

Still, in our day and age, most of us would think that factoring someone solely for their race should not be something that is done. 

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