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The infiltration of the woke ideologies coming to schools are a major concern for conservative Americans. For woke Americans, including and teaching students about non-binary and other liberal ideologies are seemingly their priorities. Furthermore, many are upset seeing this teacher preaching about non-binary ism to literal kids. 

Incidents like these are apparently common in schools today. The Daily Mail states, in a controversial move, a self-identified ‘trans demi-boy non-binary’ teacher, Skye Tooley, at Saturn Street Elementary in LA uses stuffed unicorns and narwhals to teach fifth graders about gender and pronouns. 

Tooley asserts the need for such discussions, claiming children are more accepting than adults. Despite debates on introducing such topics at a young age, Tooley emphasizes the importance of creating a safe space. The teacher defends the approach, insisting it’s developmentally appropriate. 

Saturn Street Elementary promotes Tooley’s philosophy, focusing on understanding identity, bias, and privilege. Tooley encourages other educators to address gender ideology openly.

1st grade teacher teaching woke ideologies to children 

X users feel that teachers like these are grooming young children. Furthermore, many agree that asking children about their orientation is not something an adult should do. It is highly inappropriate as there could be a chance for some unsuspecting adult to take advantage of them. 

In addition to this, conservatives in general state that this teacher should stay far away from children. Another user states that 6-year-old children should not even know the word “non-binary.” 

Some are even calling for the police to investigate this teacher for this entire ordeal. However, this varies between states and counties as some areas would allow these teachings to prosper, while others would not. 

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