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The migrant crisis has sparked a potential red-wave across the United States where even the typical Democrat supporter is doubting the party they have been supporting. Furthermore, working class Americans are complaining that they are badly affected by this whole ordeal. Some are no longer calling it a crisis but rather an “invasion.” 

Breitbart states, a poll reveals 70% of swing-voting independents support the deportation of illegal migrants, signaling a public perception of an unaddressed crisis by the Biden Administration. The January 11-12 survey of 2,000 likely voters emphasizes 61% of Republicans strongly support deportations, creating a contrast with Democrats. 

Notably, 40% of independents, 21% of Democrats, blacks, and Biden’s 2020 voters strongly favor deportations. The focus on “strongly” opinions is crucial in influencing voting behavior. Despite rising opposition to migration, support for deportations varies across demographics, with 50% of all Democrats favoring deportations. 

This aligns with Republican efforts to address border security concerns.

Working class Americans angry at Democrats for illegal immigrant “invasion” 


Following that, it appears that Black Chicago residents are vowing to vote Republican in droves for the next elections. X users state that during the 2016 elections, Trump asked American minorities what they have to lose if they vote for him. They added that Americans are currently seeing what they’re losing. 


Several key influencers are “warning” the Democrats for the mishandling of the situation and state that the average Americans are growing to be frustrated with them. In addition to this, conservatives state that the Democrats are treating American citizens as “second class” citizens regardless of their race. 

Others are blaming the President for this “invasion.” It seems an abundance of social media commentators are saying that the Democrats will “pay” in the elections this year. 

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