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Will FLOM be only person who will not return DOJ diamonds?




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Amid the political conspiracy theories and the denials in Malaysia, it appears that the First Lady of Malaysia (FLOM) might end up being the sole person who would not want to return the diamonds claimed by the Department of Justice of the USA as goods bought with stolen money.

The DOJ is after jewels handed over by Malaysians to super-models and mentioned those bought for FLOM with what the DOJ says is stolen 1MDB money.

Now, the DOJ will not just go around accuse people of stealing money? Or do they?

Nevertheless, a matching 18k white gold diamond necklace, earings, bracelet and ring, designed by top jeweller Lorraine Schwartz and costing $1,980,000 were given as gifts to some of the super-models.

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The super-model was the Australian Miranda Kerr, famous for her own popular Swarovski jewellery collection (prices starting rather less exotically at $69); her pudgy admirer was the Malaysian super-thief Jho Low and the super-yacht was the $250 million, 300 foot Equanimity, wrote Sarawak Report.

The SR has been and will continue to be a pain in the neck of the 1MDB defaulters, but now it is a pain in the neck of those who refuses to surrender the illicit gains.

Leo DiCaprio to hand back a lot more than that Oscar

Miranda is not the only super-star to be left presumably mortified by the up-shots from Jho Low’s antics along with those of his boss, the now equally shamed and ridiculous-looking PM Najib Razak.

On the very same day as this, the third 1MDB seizure notice, was issued by the DOJ, actor Leo DiCaprio had announced he was belatedly handing over to the authorities a vintage Oscar statuete, which had also been gifted by Jho Low together with Najib’s son Riza Aziz as a birthday present . Originally stolen from Marlon Brando, Jho Low and Riza Aziz had paid $600,000 for it, wrote Sarawak Report.

According to both Sarawak Report and the DOJ, it is after the 2013 election, the complaint confirms, the remaining money in Malaysian Official 1 account, or $620 million was passed back to Tanore, where it was then spent by Jho/’Eric Tan’.

It was from this money that a $27.3 million necklace was allegedly bought for the first lady.

According to the DOJ suit, Low arranged to purchase a 22-carat pink diamond necklace for the wife of Malaysian official 1 using diverted 2013 bond proceeds.

“Funds traceable to the diverted proceeds of the 2013 bond sale were used to purchase a 22-carat pink diamond, set in a diamond necklace, (“22-CARAT PINK DIAMOND NECKLACE”) for the wife of MALAYSIAN OFFICIAL 1.

“The stone and necklace were purchased from New York-based jeweler and jewelry designer Lorraine Schwartz Inc., which specializes in high-end bespoke diamond jewelry. The total purchase price for the stone and necklace was $27,300,000,” said the DOJ.

But after numerous denials and claims of attempts to topple the government in Malaysia, there are no indications the concerned party will return the ‘diamonds’ to the DOJ.

Former PM Mahathir Mohamad has advised the lady to hand over the jewels in order to end the nightmare.

But ministers in the cabinet of Najib Razak are insisting no wrong were done, while the Attorney General of Malaysia apparently said no evidence exists that 1MDB money was missing or misused, another official – as if to poke fire – said 1MDB money was ‘stolen’ by whom ‘they’ are not aware of.

The never ending saga continues!

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