A new White House directive will be unveiled on Thursday to empower immigration officials to swiftly deport individuals who don’t meet the asylum criteria.

Crafted by the Department of Homeland Security, the regulation will specifically target migrants who request asylum after unlawfully crossing the U.S.-Mexico border.

Under the proposed rule, asylum officers will be instructed to apply existing legal barriers during “credible fear” interviews, the initial step in the asylum process. While successful applicants proceed to present their case before an immigration judge, those who fail to pass these interviews face expedited deportation.

Crucially, individuals deemed ineligible for asylum under U.S. law—particularly those posing a threat to public safety or national security—will face swift rejection and deportation soon after crossing the border.

The White House directive

Although the regulation’s scope is narrow, it signifies a significant policy shift under President Biden’s administration, which had initially pledged to restore the U.S. asylum system.

Beyond this imminent regulation, sources close to the administration revealed President Biden’s contemplation of invoking presidential authority, namely 212(f), to impose broader asylum restrictions before the November elections.

While the forthcoming regulation may not directly impact vast numbers of migrants, it underscores the administration’s evolving stance on asylum amidst mounting political and logistical challenges. Last year saw the introduction of regulations disqualifying migrants who failed to seek humanitarian protection in a third country before entering the U.S. unlawfully.

The administration has also expanded legal avenues for migration, including innovative programs facilitating orderly border processing and sponsored flights for eligible migrants.

Amidst these policy shifts, there has been a notable decrease in migrant crossings along the southern border, attributed in part to intensified deportation efforts and collaborative measures with Mexico. This reduction, reflected in recent Border Patrol data, signals a dynamic landscape in U.S. immigration policy with far-reaching implications.

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