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What important questions couples must ask each other before BTO “so you don’t lose HARD-EARNED BLOOD SWEAT MONEY??” — Netizen

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He listed down three pertinent questions that every couple should ask themselves before applying so that “you don't make an impulse costly-to-reverse decision”

SINGAPORE: “What questions do you ask yourself (& your partner) before BTO so you don’t lose HARD-EARNED BLOOD SWEAT MONEY?” asked one Reddit user who went on to say he had a lot of painful experiences on the matter and wrote several questions he feels couples need to answer.

Because of the long wait for housing, couples have to apply for BTO somewhat early into their relationship. However, “there is also a rising number of BTO & break up stories,” he pointed out u/Other-Ad-9948 on r/askSingapore on Thursday (Jul 6).

He then went on to say that he had bought a flat with a former partner, going on to renovate and live in it, only to surrender it after his partner proved to be unfaithful.

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“Painful expensive lesson and my heart was not the only thing that broke,” he added.

However, this has caused him to ask the necessary questions and conversations “before you decide to apply for a BTO so that you don’t make an impulse costly-to-reverse decision?”

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He started the ball rolling by listing three questions.

  1. Can I picture myself with this person 15, 30, 50 years down the road?
  2. Are there any major issues that we have to settle first before we apply for BTO? eg. character differences, bad habits, family’s consent, etc.
  3. Are our life goals aligned and realistic? eg. both want to have children (or not), whether we both want a simple or lavish lifestyle and how we plan to work towards it.

One Reddit user also contributed three points.

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“Hmm, I used to stay over at my SO’s place every weekend if that helps. Like, get used to seeing him in my space. This was over a number of years before we started to apply BTO,” chimed in another.

Another helpfully shared a link containing the 100 questions couples should ask before marriage.

“Even before talking abt all these, make sure your partner has enough money for the deposit/downpayment and the miscelleanous fees,” urged another.

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One Reddit user came up with another three questions based on his 1 & 1/2 year guideline.


‘Would you get married just to own BTO and then split ways after “earning through the house”?’ — Netizen

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