In a refreshing twist on what it takes to find happiness, researchers have uncovered a simple yet vital ingredient: water.

Yes, that humble glass of H2O might just be the key to unlocking a happier you, according to a groundbreaking study conducted by OnePoll in collaboration with True Lemon.

The study delved into the realm of everyday happiness, uncovering a treasure trove of insights into what makes us smile. It turns out; that it’s not always the grand gestures but the small, simple pleasures that light up our lives. On average, participants reported encountering around 57 of these ‘little things’ each week.

Among these joys, a surprising standout emerged: water.

Link between water and joy

For 36% of respondents, the act of sipping enough water was enough to bring a smile to their faces. But it didn’t stop there. The study revealed a fascinating correlation between staying hydrated and maintaining a sunny disposition towards life.

Those who guzzled down 10 or more glasses of water a day were not only parched for water but also for positivity, with a whopping 80% of them attesting to the importance of relishing life’s small pleasures. In stark contrast, a mere 48% of those who barely wet their whistle with a single glass or less found joy in life’s little moments.

But the benefits of staying hydrated stretched beyond a mere mood boost. The data painted a compelling picture of mental well-being, with 46% of the well-hydrated crowd reporting high levels of happiness compared to a paltry 22% among the parched populace.

A significant 71% of those who imbibed seven or more glasses a day saw the proverbial glass as half full, embodying an optimistic mindset.

In the end, it’s about finding what works best for you, ensuring you’re not only quenching your thirst but also nourishing your happiness.

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