Food guru Kf Seetoh gave his social media followers a sneak peek into Urban Hawker, which is set to open very shortly. 

In an Instagram post, Mr Seetoh wrote, “14th Sept today. Urban Hawker will soft open to public, 21st Sept..with brekky from 8am, lunch from 11am.. We will get there and wok the talk. 135W 50th New York.


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He described the concept of Urban Hawker in the comments as a “self service food market hall. Bring a friend n plonk em on a table as u buy food.”

The groundbreaking Urban Hawker, which the Makansutra founder referred to as “the first UNESCO class street food market in USA,” is set for a soft opening in less than a week.

And while the venue’s closing time is not indicated, Mr Seetoh also said that they’re open till 11 pm.

There are 11 Singapore hawkers in the lineup for the new Urban Hawker food market, which will be located at 135 West 50th Street, within walking distance of Times Square in Manhattan.

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The Singapore hawkers are: Halal burger joint Ashes Burnnit, Sembawang’s White beehoon chain and coffee stall Kopifellas, Peranakan restaurant Daisy’s Dream, Chicken Nice from Maxwell Food Centre, Dragon Phoenix (known for its chilli crab and for inventing the yam ring), Prawnaholic (serving Hokkien-style prawn noodle soup), Hainanese Western stall Smokin’ Joe, Malay and Indonesian cafe Padi@Bussorah, Indian stall Mamak’s Corner, and Mr Fried Rice.

The food guru’s latest video shows the steps leading up to Urban Hawker

Into its foodcourt style interior, where the “final steps are coming together”

And the hawkers are test-running their kitchens

Mr Seetoh can be seen in the video standing in front of a very special Singapore sign.

“Almost there…. you know you gotta come,” he writes in the final frame.

Commenters flocked to the post to offer congratulations and well-wishes, including singer Nathan Hartono, who wrote, “i’ll find my way there soon.”

Mr Seetoh also graciously answered questions and replied to comments on the post.

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‘Finally, with bated breath, we exhale,’ Kf Seetoh announces Urban Hawker opening to open NY Sept 21