Singapore — A video has gone viral of a man in a wheelchair refusing to make way for a motorist whose car is blocking an access and is partially in a handicap lot.

It seems that the wheelchair-bound man had been unable to use the access.

The motorist, in a blue T-shirt and shorts, had been trying to drive his Honda Vezel out of the space. He then gets out and tries to move the wheelchair out of the way but without success. The wheelchair-bound man repeatedly shouts “bully” and “kio mata lai ah” (Hokkien for call the police). He also moves back in front of the car.

At least two people try to defuse the situation but without much success. The 1.5-minute-long clip ends with the wheelchair-bound man refusing to budge and the motorist waiting in his car.

The video, shared on popular Facebook page SG Road Vigilante – SGRV, garnered 1,800 reactions and 650 comments.

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Some of those commenting on the video felt that the motorist was inconsiderate and should have apologised to the man in the wheelchair. Others said that the wheelchair-bound man could have also defused the situation by not blocking the car.