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For certain brands that rely on the attractiveness of their models, they should maintain what makes them the most money. Brands like Victoria’s Secret who plan on being woke are now suffering from declining sales. Lingerie brands are made for a certain type of allure, not to propagate political agendas from the woke left. 

Furthermore, it is clear that the conservative dollar bills are worth a lot more than the woke liberals. Everytime a company goes woke, they go broke as conservatives boycott these respective brands. 

According to Fox Business, lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret is reportedly shifting away from its recent feminist and woke rebrand, which aimed to combat “White supremacy culture practices” in math instruction. The company is returning to its previous “hyper-sexualized” image in an attempt to boost declining revenue. 

Furthermore, efforts to promote inclusivity by featuring LGBTQ and transgender spokesmodels, along with scrapping the famous “Angels,” received favourable reviews but failed to increase sales. Victoria’s Secret’s projected 2023 revenue of $6.2 billion is lower than in previous years, showing the financial struggles stemming from their body-positive approach. The company now seeks to blend inclusivity with its traditional sexiness.

Victoria’s Secret dumping wokeness 


There are several users stating that being plus size is generally not sexy to most people. A brand like Victoria’s Secret previously relied heavily on their “angels” to have a certain skinny body type. In addition to this, many agree that woke companies immediately go broke after abandoning their main clientele. 

Conservatives are calling out the mainstream media trying to gaslight everyone into agreeing that woke companies are successful. However, the same media organisations published contrary statements to their wokeness. Bud Light has taken a heavy loss since their collaboration with Dylan Mulvaney. 

However, some conservatives are stating the irony of these woke companies that claim it’s not about money. Once their sales tank, they immediately backtrack saying that their sales are low and they’re abandoning this entire ideology. Unfortunately, for the woke crowd, they would only be satisfied if the company fails entirely. 

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