The Union of Security Employees (USE) has lodged a police report over a video clip which showed two security officers being assaulted.
[fvplayer src=””]The viral video showed a man believed to be a security sypervisor slapping and repeatedly punching one of the guards. When the other guard tried to stop the supervisor, he was also assaulted.
The guards refused to speak to USE when its officers visited the condominium where the guards worked.
“Despite the security officers declining to speak to the union, we informed the security officers that they can contact the union if they change their minds,” USE said on its Facebook page.
The USE’s president has also lodged a police report to request police investigation in the matter.
“USE expects all stakeholders to show respect to our security officers. Any form of abuse towards the officers is unacceptable to the union and we will help the victims to the best of our ability,” the union added.