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The rise in gender transitions by the courtesy of big pharma corporations are looking to be a double edged sword for them. A few years ago, a UK teenager decided it best to change her gender and remove her female organs. However, later on, she appears to regret the decision and wants to sue the health service for not being strict enough with gender transitions. 

According to the BBC, a 23-year-old woman challenging an NHS gender clinic for her transition as a teenager believes medical staff should have questioned her decision more rigorously. The Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust faces a full hearing, arguing that children can’t provide informed consent for puberty-delaying treatment. 

Furthermore, Keira Bell, one of the claimants, regrets the insufficient investigation or therapy before receiving puberty blockers at 16. Lawyers contend that children can’t assess the long-term impact, including fertility. The clinic asserts a cautious approach, while critics raise concerns about teenagers receiving blockers without adequate evaluation or psychological support. The judicial review is expected in early summer.

UK girl blaming health services for her transition 

X users are making several misogynistic comments about women saying that you’d get sued if you allow them to transition or if you don’t allow them to transition. However, this is more related to the topic of transgenders and how some people are manipulated to change their genders when they don’t really need to. 

There are individuals who genuinely are transgender and may need the surgeries to comply with their gender dysphoria. Unfortunately, in our society today, our leaders are making it as easy as getting a flu jab. When in reality, a gender transition is a serious decision to think about as one’s life will completely change forever when done successfully.  


Furthermore, conservatives are stating that this is a huge “W”, in Gen-Z slang it means a win. They state that detransitioners need to be more outspoken towards the entire situation as children will not be coerced to live an entire lifetime relying on gender transition hormones and surgeries. 

Regardless, many feel that the mass market gender transitions should stop as this is really a niche market. Doctors should be obliged to follow through their morality pledge rather than the possibility of making a profit off their patients’ permanent mistakes. 

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