Deputy City Council Admin instructing workers to not use “red & green” Christmas decorations as it is not “inclusive” enough

It is peculiar that a Deputy City Council Admin is emailing city workers in Wauwatosa, WI instructing them to not place red and green Christmas decorations. The email states that these colours and religious symbols are not “inclusive” enough. However, Christmas has always been an American tradition, regardless of the religion involved. 

According to Wisconsin Right Now, Wauwatosa’s deputy city administrator, Melissa Cantarero Weiss, has issued an email instructing city workers to avoid traditional Christmas colors, opting for purple, blue, and snow-themed decorations instead. The directive emphasizes “inclusive decorating practices” to create a welcoming environment. City Administrator James Archambo supports this move. 

The email, aimed at fostering an equitable and inclusive community, discourages religious or Christmas-associated decorations like red and green. Instead, Weiss suggests winter symbols, lights, greenery, and northern lights displays in non-religious colors. Critics question the city’s priorities, highlighting pressing issues. Wauwatosa’s mayor confirmed the email’s legitimacy, emphasizing inclusivity and respect.

Deputy City Council Admin discouraging city workers to use red & green Christmas decorations 


X users are offended at this entire ordeal. They state that this is an important holiday for Christian Americans. Furthermore, this holiday has been popularised and is significant in American culture.  Currently, there are about 210 million Christian Americans, which amount to 63% of the country. 

Others state that this has made them want to send the Deputy City Council Admin Christmas cards everyday. Following that, it appears that a number of X users are wanting to do the same to her. Most users appear offended towards the situation as they feel that Christians are being discriminated against. 


In addition to this, users state that she needs to actually start thinking of real problems to solve in her area rather than banning Christmas decorations. Regardless, the ultra liberal ideology seems to be getting out of hand as suggestions like these are constantly made on a frequent basis. 

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