Eric Adams, Turkey scandal

In an interview, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo commented on the controversy surrounding New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ alleged Turkey cash deal and said that it may just be the tip of the iceberg.

Adams was accused of expediting the construction of the Turkish embassy in the city during his candidacy.

Cuomo admitted that he lacked detailed information about the investigation into Adams’ ties with Turkey. He hinted that the investigation likely received approval from the highest echelons of the U.S. Department of Justice.

The Turkey scandal, expediting a permit

“The only thing I’ve read about is the Mayor made a phone call to a police commissioner to try to expedite a permit for the Turkish embassy,” Cuomo remarked. “If that’s a crime, they’re going to have to lock up almost everybody.”

Federal agents are currently delving into Adams’ text messages and other data to ascertain whether his campaign accepted illegal donations from Turkish officials during his mayoral run in 2021.

While Adams has not faced formal accusations of wrongdoing yet, a recent raid at the residence of his chief fundraiser, Brianna Suggs, has heightened scrutiny. Items seized during the raid included a manila folder labeled with Adams’ name, three iPhones, and a laptop.

Federal investigators are looking into $14,000 in campaign donations to Adams from employees of the KSK Construction Group, which boasts ties to the Turkish government.

Cannot remember?

“I cannot tell you … how many thousands of people contribute to our campaign,” Adams stated in an earlier interview. “I attend so many different fundraisers, meet so many different people throughout the part of raising funds. I am not familiar with this organization.”

As the investigation unfolds, scrutiny of Mayor Adams and the alleged dealings surrounding the Turkish embassy intensifies, raising questions about the connection between politics and impropriety.

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