“Gorlock The Destroyer”

The famous “Gorlock The Destroyer,” Ali C. Lopez, who went viral in 2022 for being confident with herself has made a controversial statement. Conservatives on X are finding it ironic that she, a transgender influencer, is discussing the decline in masculinity among men. Furthermore, she states that men are now expecting the “princess” treatment on dates. 

According to the New York Post, Lopez, subjected to online mockery, reflects on the unexpected experience of becoming a meme. She highlights the challenges of modern dating, emphasizing the scarcity of individuals embodying traditional masculine traits. 

Lopez urges men to reclaim their roles and resist expecting princess treatment in relationships. Despite mixed feelings about her viral nickname, “Gorlock the Destroyer,” Lopez advocates for respectful discussions on gender identity and calls for patience in bridging generational gaps on transgender issues.

X users react to Gorlock The Destroyer’s statement 

Following that, X users are leaving rather harsh comments with regards to the influencer. They are still calling her by her previous pronouns saying that she is still a man. An X user states that they hope that the influencer is merley trolling people. The user adds that she is “grotesque,” which could probably be a jab towards her weight. 

Others are asking about the types of guys the influencer is going out with. Whether they are the feminine gay type or the masculine type. However, another user responds with saying that there are certain guys that would go on dates with literally anyone just for a successful “copulation.” 

Conservatives are asking how and who does a transgender influencer influence. Some are joking that they are merely there to fix car parts. Regardless, it seems that there is a market for anyone to become an influencer if they are controversial or creative enough in our modern day and age. 

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