From February 1 onward, toll charges for most vehicles (excluding motorcycles) coming into Singapore via the Woodlands Checkpoint will be removed. Singapore’s Land Transit Authority made the announcement on January 5, Friday.

Similarly, toll charges for most vehicles (excluding motorcycles) leaving Singapore via the same checkpoint will be reduced.

Here are the new rates for vehicles exiting Singapore through the Woodlands Checkpoint

Cars—from S$3.80 reduced to S$1.

Vans and other light goods vehicles—from S$5.80 reduced to S$1.50.

Heavy goods vehicles—from S$7.70 reduced to S$2.

Taxis—from S$1.90 reduced to S$0.50.

Buses—from S$3.10 reduced to S$0.80.

The price cut came after Malaysia recently cut its Eastern Dispersal Link (EDL) toll charges. Malaysia’s Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Rasak had announced in October that the EDL toll fee would be removed.

The EDL is 8 kilometers long and ends at the Causeway from Johor Baru. Toll fees were collected since 2014 from vehicles coming into as well as leaving Singapore, even if some of those vehicles did not pass through the highway, which had been constructed by a firm linked to the Malaysian government.

It has been a longtime practice for Singapore to have the same the toll rates as Malaysia.

The Land Transport Authority’s Facebook post announcing the toll cut was widely shared, and people tagged each other to spread the news. However, many netizens are concerned about the heightened traffic jams that will be generated by the toll reduction and removal.