Currently, the topic of immigrants in the United States is one of the most discussed subjects among social media users. Conservative Americans are unhappy with the fact that a large number of them are coming into America. However, liberals view this differently as they feel these immigrants will bring in more skills to help the economy. 

The New York Post states, a recent study by the Center for Immigration Studies unearthed a staggering reality: 49.5 million, about 15% of the US population, were originally born outside the country. 

This number, at its peak since the nation’s inception, saw a surge during Biden’s presidency, attributed to the ongoing border crisis with 4.5 million arrivals since January 2021, outnumbering the populations of 25 US states. The report indicates a 28% rise in South American and 25% increase in Central American immigrants since 2021, recorded by the Census Bureau. 

Steven A. Camarota and Karen Zeigler, the study’s authors, predict the foreign-born population could reach 59 million by the end of Biden’s possible second term, causing Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to bus over 70,000 migrants to sanctuary cities, sparking tensions and straining resources, notably in New York City.

New York City has absorbed 146,000 immigrants since last spring, leading Mayor Eric Adams to implement significant budget cuts to manage the crisis.

US has a record of 49 million foreign born immigrants 

Furthermore, Europeans are complaining that they have to go through a difficult process in order to be American. They feel that it is unfair that there are others who are having it easier to be an American citizen. Some feel that it is a conspiracy theory, while others feel it is the reality of the new world. 


In addition to this, some who are pro-immigration state that immigrants literally built America to what it is today. They also fought in wars in order to defend America, and liberals see that immigrants today are the same as those in the past. Ultimately, a good portion of immigrants are a source of cheap labour to do work that most Americans are not willing to do. 

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