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The controversial topic of Jeff Bezos’ backed corporation, Arrived is buying $500 million worth of houses has sparked a debate among Americans. They feel that there should be a new limit on how much the wealthy can actually buy. This is due to the fact that affordable homes are lacking for most people and owning a home is a basic human right.

An article from Medium states, Jeff Bezos’ acquisition of single-family homes sparks concerns about housing market implications. Critics fear monopolisation, reduced affordability, and adverse socio-economic impacts. The influx of institutional capital could drive up prices, hinder homeownership, and deepen the housing shortage.

They highlight social ramifications like tenant displacement, altered rental dynamics, and weakened community bonds due to billionaires and investment firms’ growing influence on the housing market.

Yahoo News states, Arrived’s Single Family Residential Fund streamlines investments by enabling larger allocations at flexible intervals, avoiding waiting for property launches. Diversification across multiple markets is offered, allowing quarterly share redemption after six months.

Arrived’s CEO Ryan Frazier remains bullish on the housing market, citing strong returns, lower volatility, and enduring housing demand. Dividend income rose to $890,000 in Q3 2023, reaching $2.8 million over a year. The new fund complements the company’s existing model, maintaining $100 minimum investments in individual property shares.

X users reacting negatively towards Jeff Bezos’ involvement in purchasing these homes

Several X users state that if Jeff Bezos wanted to give back to the community, he should rebuild these houses and give it back to them to sell off. However, some disagree with this idea as it is still a corporation, and corporations need to make money in order to sustain themselves.

In addition to this, there are calls from X users to “dismantle” the real estate market due to the lack of affordable homes available. The same user also claims that we may return to feudalism with the amount of forever renters. Others feel that people should not be content with renting homes forever.

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