textile centre

Seven men, aged between 18 and 32, were arrested after being involved in a fight that took place outside Textile Centre on Sunday night (Dec 6).

In videos that were circulated on social media on Monday, a group of both men and women could be seen fighting and shouting outside a 7-Eleven outlet.

Even though onlookers were present, they did not try to stop the fight at Textile Centre. In one of the videos, as the group engaged in a brawl, one of the women was shoved. She landed against a car and fell onto the road.

In other videos of the incident, groups of men were seen throwing punches. One man lay on the ground with another repeatedly punching his head. Even though a security guard was present, he did not try to break up the fight but just walked away at one point.

In response to queries from Stomp, the police were alerted to the case of affray at 200 Jalan Sultan at 11.58 pm.

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They added that seven men were subsequently arrested and two of them, aged 22 and 32, were conscious when taken to Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

Police investigations are ongoing. /TISG