TDCX Logo on Black Background

SINGAPORE: Leading digital customer experience solutions provider, Singapore-based TDCX, has secured the 18th spot in the top 20 global Outsource Accelerator (OA) 500 2024 Index, standing as the sole Southeast Asian representative among the 20 firms.

The index, assessing over 3,500 companies worldwide, evaluates various factors including domain authority, website traffic, employee reviews, and LinkedIn engagement, along with third-party analysis from Crunchbase and ZoomInfo.

Mr Derek Gallimore, Founder and CEO of Outsource Accelerator, highlighted TDCX’s distinctiveness among its competitors, attributing its success to continuous investment in talent, a strong online presence, and staying abreast of AI technologies. He commended TDCX for achieving this significant milestone.

He said, “It is through these initiatives that TDCX has grown into a great company. I congratulate TDCX on this great milestone.”

Ms Angie Tay, Group Chief Operating Officer at TDCX, expressed pride in the company’s ethos of #BeMore, emphasising their dedication to delivering value to clients and expanding their presence beyond Southeast Asia. She credited the achievement to the hard work of TDCX’s 17,800 talented colleagues across 30 campuses worldwide.

Looking forward, Ms Tay outlined TDCX’s focus on talent development and leveraging technology, particularly through TDCX AI, to assist clients in utilising AI for data analysis and insights.

She said, “We believe that through such efforts, we will be able to empower our stakeholders to envision the future and strengthen their capabilities.”

One recent solution introduced by TDCX is TDCX FastTrack, an AI-enabled productivity platform aimed at streamlining customer service processes. The platform equips representatives with real-time information and proactively recommends solutions, resulting in a 40% reduction in customer holding time for incoming call inquiries based on initial testing. /TISG