Entertainment Arts Taylor Swift goes into her thirties with a healthier outlook

Taylor Swift goes into her thirties with a healthier outlook

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Taylor who turned 30 on Dec 13 spoke about body positivity in an interview with British Vogue's Editor in Chief Edward Enninful

Taylor Swift is celebrating turning 30 with a healthier outlook. She turned 30 on Dec 13 saying she is feeling a bit more secure about approaching her thirties.

Taylor spoke about this in a video interview with British Vogue’s Editor in Chief Edward Enninful.

The singer also said that her age helped her analyse toxic messages about her body and improve her relationship with body positivity.

Taylor said she is excited that she can now really recognise and diagnose toxic messages being sent to her by society and by culture about her body.

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Taylor Swift has a healthier outlook in life. Picture: Creative Commons

She said that she is a woman, not a coat hanger and that she needs to feel healthy in life. She needs to take pleasure in food and not to use her body as tool to control her life when she feels out of control.
Taylor who started her singing career in her teens, said believes the next decade will bring her more freedom and control with her music.
She added that she is excited about thirty because she gets to choose when to work, choose the things that she really want to work on and she doesn’t take that for granted ever because there were times when she played hundreds of shows in a year and she was 17 years old.
She revealed she would get exhausted and burnt out and now she can afford to work based on how much she can actually handle and that is a luxury for her.
The Lover singer said her twenties were fun and it helped her discover who she truly is. She likened it to walking into a costume shop and trying on different outfits. That said she is happy with who she is now. -/TISG


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