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Taylor Lautner, who played Jacob Black in the “Twilight” series, revealed his dissatisfaction with the Team Edward against Team Jacob rivalry and how it affected his friendship with co-star Robert Pattinson, who played Edward Cullen. Speaking on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast, Lautner revealed that despite his age at the time, the competition between him and Pattinson sometimes led to hurt feelings, making their friendship challenging.

Standing alongside Pattinson while fans cheered or booed created awkward moments for Lautner. He explained the complexities of the situation, mentioning how they had to maintain a semblance of friendship amid conflicting reactions from fans. Despite this, Lautner admitted he and Pattinson didn’t form a close bond because they were fundamentally different individuals, although he praised Pattinson’s character.

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The franchise brought Lautner personal growth

Reflecting on his “Twilight” experience, Lautner expressed gratitude despite the discomfort, acknowledging the personal growth the franchise brought him. He shared that after the series ended, he embarked on a journey to discover his true self, acknowledging the positive impact the franchise had on his life.

Surprisingly, Lautner revealed he almost lost his role after the first movie due to the character’s physical transformation in the story. Initially intended for a younger, leaner character, Lautner had to fight to retain his role by gaining about 25 lbs to match the transformed physique of Jacob Black in later books. His dedication paid off, securing his position for the subsequent films.

Staying toned

Even in the present day, Lautner maintains his muscular physique and responded to critics’ comments about his aging by showcasing his toned muscles on social media in June, demonstrating his ongoing fitness.

Lautner discussed the possibility of reigniting a friendship with Taylor Swift, his former girlfriend from 2009. Reflecting on their breakup, he emphasized the significance of respecting someone’s true self, enabling one to move forward, forgive, and maintain a different form of love. He admitted in the conversation that Swift was the one who ultimately ended their relationship, acknowledging her decision.

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