Seoul — Recently, Super Junior’s Heechul responded to the heated public disagreement for his remarks on rescued man’s best friend.

The singer suffered a backlash on JTBC’s new variety program Travel Battle – Pet-kage. 

Heechul took to his Instagram story to address the issue on Aug 30th, as reported by Allkpop.

Heechul’s response on Instagram story. Picture: Instagram

He wrote: “Our puppy Ki Bok does a ‘Shit Show’ whenever he wants attention. He walks around, releasing himself in front of your eyes. He’s even happy when I scold him “Ki Bok you rascal, you can’t poo here”.

I heard the news that dogs like Ki Bok have pooped a lot. Well well, they’ll poop even more if I feed more attention… Welp, I’ll still have to clean the shit up? Let’s take a look at this beautiful article. Lol

Is this how I link the article?”

In the article that Heechul linked, the singer talked about how the person agreed with Heechul’s comment and that he provided an opportunity to learn by opening up the discussion regarding the stereotypes of rescue dogs.

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How do you feel about Heechul’s response?

Born Jul 10, 1983 Kim Hee-chul, better known mononymously as Heechul, is a South Korean singer, songwriter, presenter and actor.

He is a member of the South Korean boy band Super Junior and has further participated in its subgroup Super Junior-T as well as project group Universe Cowards with Min Kyung-hoon and Woojoo jjokkomi with Lee Soo-geun.

He was also a member of the disbanded pop-rock duo Kim Heechul & Kim Jungmo.

Prior to his debut in Super Junior, Heechul began his acting career in 2005, starring in the second season of teen drama Sharp 2.

This led him to host radio shows, his first music show, Show! Music Core and appear on advertisements.

However, in 2006, just a year after his Super Junior debut, Heechul was involved in a car accident that fractured his left leg. /TISG