Seoul — Oct 14 this year was the first anniversary of the death of South Korean star Sulli.

It has since been announced that her official home page will be closed. A notice has been uploaded on the official sites of SM artists such as Red Velvet, Taemin and BoA stating:   “The STAR Home service will be terminated on Dec 31, 2020.”

The notice adds: “Please note that news and schedules related to SM artists can be found on Naver V Live’s ‘SM ARTIST OFFICIAL FANCLUB’ channels.”

Sulli’s official site notice states: “Thank you for using STAR Home until now. We regretfully notify you that STAR Home service has been terminated on Dec 31, 2020.”

Images and videos related to Sulli’s first solo album production are known to be uploaded on the website. Fans are reported to be sad at not being able to visit the place where photos and videos commemorate her.

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Sulli was only 25 at the time of her death. Picture: Instagram

On Oct 14 last year, the beloved former girl group f(x) member was found dead in her home in Gyeonggi province due to suicide. She was only 25.

Her colleagues and fans grieved as the shocking news spread around the world.

A year later, fans are still missing her as they mark through social media the first anniversary of her passing. Many post comments such as “It’s already one year. Time passes so fast” and “I miss you”.

Sulli made her debut in 2005 as a child actress in a Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS)  drama. Later, she debuted on the K-pop music industry with f(x). She received much love and rose to fame through songs such as Pinocchio and Chu.

Recently, her mother opened up about their mother-daughter relationship and her thoughts about Sulli dating Korean hip-hop Dynamic Duo’s Choiza. He was 39 at that time.

In a documentary released by South Korean television broadcaster MBC titled, Why Were You Uncomfortable With Sulli?, her mother talks about the singer’s childhood, her casting in the Ballad of Seodong, her opinion of Choiza, and her reaction to the news of her daughter passing away. /TISG