K Shanmugam saves the day after SLA served notice to social enterprise to stop housing Malaysian workers and vacate in 2 weeks

Singapore — FOCUS Adventure, a social enterprise that had converted its Sembawang campsite into a workers dormitory to house Malaysian workers who had nowhere else to go, was asked to leave the site because it was three months behind on its  rent.

The company runs corporate training programmes that apply adventure learning outdoors to make such activities as team building  more  fun and effective.

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Nadya Dean, 27, dies after falling into coma following premature childbirth

Singapore — Oct 31, homegrown singer Nadya Dean passed away after falling into a coma following premature childbirth. A report by Berita Harian said that the star’s cause of death was eclampsia. It is a rare but severe condition where the patient suffers seizures caused by high blood pressure during pregnancy.

On Oct 15, the 27-year-old delivered her second child, Muhammad Haqq. Nadya’s father, Dean Cassim told the media that doctors advised the singer to stay in the hospital after giving birth, but she decided to go home.

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After filming scene in new drama ‘The Takedown’ Jesseca Liu had problems going to the toilet

Singapore — Malaysian actress Jesseca Liu hates running and makes no secret about that.

The 42-year-old revealed that for her upcoming drama series The Takedown she had to run for almost four hours during a scene and the motion had to be “explosive”.

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Politics and lies: A look back at some of Singapore’s biggest scandals

Singapore—Sex, lies, and if not exactly a videotape, there were  some photographs, albeit already digitally trashed. 

We’re talking about politics in Singapore, which, while less tumultuous in many neighbouring countries, has had its share of scandals.

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“When does pay rise too?” Netizens dismayed over looming increase in food, power, public transport costs

Singapore — So bus and train fares are going up, electricity is going to cost more, food prices will keep rising. So what about our pay?  Will that go up, too?

 Netizens are reacting with dismay to Trade and Industry Minister Gan Kim Yong’s heads-up about rising food prices, as the minister’s warning on Wednesday (Nov 3) caps a series of announcements concerning price hikes in electricity and public transport fares.

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