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Stories you might’ve missed, June 13

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Maid who forgets to bring house keys comes back and shakes the gate loudly for her employer to open, throws tantrums and goes to her room when scolded


A filipino domestic helper (background) during an interview at the Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics (HOME) in Singapore 12 January 2006. AFP PHOTO/ ROSLAN RAHMAN (Photo by ROSLAN RAHMAN / AFP)

SINGAPORE: An employer who tried talking and then eventually scolded her maid took to social media asking others for advice on dealing with the difficult helper.

In an anonymous post to a Facebook support group for helpers and employers alike, the woman said that her helper had worked for the family for about six months. “We find her work rate is really low, feel that shes rude and she takes safety of my children very lightly (I have 2 young children)”, the employer wrote.

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‘Is this your first time visiting a hawker centre?’ — Hawker stall staff asks customer after wrongly serving 100 Plus instead of Kopi-O


SINGAPORE: A netizen took to social media to air his grievances after allegedly being treated rudely by a hawker stall attendant who not only got his beverage order wrong but also asked him in a “condescending” tone, “Is this your first time visiting a hawker center?”

Mr Turtle Tan wrote in a Sunday (June 11) post on the COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook page that the incident occurred while he was at breakfast at a hawker stall at the Hougang Ci Yuan Hawker Center one morning.

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‘This is not zebra crossing!’ — Car driver upset with ‘self-entitled Caucasian who shakes his head as if I had beaten the red light’


Photo: IS screengrab/complaint singapore

SINGAPORE: An irate netizen posted a video online after feeling that a foreigner had been rude to him while he was driving. He posted a dashcam video on the Complaint Singapore Instagram account, which showed him stopping just before a yellow box as people crossed the street.

Most of those crossing the road just went about their business, but one man, who appeared to be a Caucasian, made it a point to give the motorist a look.

‘We don’t want Malay or Indian’ — Jobseeker shares ad looking for tutor, asks if there’s Singapore law against explicit racial discrimination in hiring


Photo: Freepik/Dragana_Gordic (for illustration purposes only)

SINGAPORE: A Reddit user asked if there’s a law “against explicit racial discrimination in hiring,” saying he had seen job posts on Telegram and LinkedIn expressing that certain racial groups are not welcome to apply.

“I’m not talking about insinuations or implicit discriminations like ‘Chinese preferred’ or ‘Only Mandarin-speakers need apply’, but in your face I-don’t-want-that-race kinds of discrimination,” wrote u/LeMachineLearneur on r/askSingapore on Saturday (June 10).

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Grab driver allegedly scammed of $172,000 by CarTimes salesman


Photo: Freepik (for illustration purposes only)

SINGAPORE: A Grab driver has shared a stunning account of how he was allegedly scammed of $172,000 – in the form of $67,000 in cash and ownership of his car worth $105,000 – by a salesman at popular automobile dealer CarTimes, in a Facebook post that is trending online.

The driver, Ng Poh Leng, took to the Complaint Singapore Facebook page and said that his ordeal began on 25 April when he visited the Automobile Megamart @ Ubi, #01-07, hoping to find a new car to trade his old one. He had his eye on the Toyota Voxy car model.

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