In an attempt to showcase our best side for the historical United States – Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (US-DPRK) Summit, the Singapore Tourism Board has reportedly sent out a memo to the tenants of the Income@Raffles building, asking them to leave their lights on during the nights of the summit.

The memo was shared on Twitter on Saturday by reporter Isabella Steger (@stegersaurus). In her post, she said, “Singapore’s tourism board is encouraging tenants around Marina Bay to keep their lights on during the summit so they can showcase the skyline to intl media during the Trump-Kim summit. literally the opposite of earth day.”

Steger shared the post to emphasise upon the waste of electricity by leaving all the lights on just to have a picturesque city skyline.

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She also shared a picture of the memo.

It read, “To showcase the brilliance of out city skyline, Singapore Tourism Board is encouraging tenants of Income@Raffles to join the rest of the city in this light-up from 10 to 13 June 2018, 1900hrs to 0600hrs the following day. The management team will be keeping our building Rooftop signage lighted during the stipulated period and we hope that you can also join us in this effort by keeping your office lights on during this period.

While Steger felt that the initiative was a waste of energy, most netizens took the side of STB.

STB’s initiative: Excessive or expected?