South Korean actor Song Joong-ki recently appeared in public for the first time since his divorce in June.

He was photographed with an unidentified woman at a restaurant and the photos have gone viral since Saturday.

The photos were first shared on Chinese entertainment website Sina.

The details on when and where the photos were taken are unknown.

Photos of his ex-wife Song Hye-kyo enjoying a casual night stroll in Cannes, France caught attention last week.

She recently appeared in photos promoting shoe brand Suecomma Bonnie.

Actor Song Joong-ki is set to star in “Arthdal Chronicles Part 3.” The first episode will air Sept. 7.

According to Oriental Daily, the actor was seen having a barbeque meal with a group of friends.

He also took photos with a woman who was seen standing close to him.

It also reported that from Joong-ki’s cheerful expression in the photos, it looked like the actor had moved on from his divorce with Hye-kyo.

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The Oriental Daily learnt that although Joong-ki is currently busy with the shooting of a new series, demands for him to act had been greatly reduced following the divorce.

Some companies have cut down on retaining the actor as their product spokesman.

Joong-ki and Hye-kyo finalised their divorce on July 22 with no division of property or settlement money.

While Hye-kyo continued to have sponsors and remained being an ambassador for many brands, Joong-ki lost many contracts after the divorce.

The celebrities married in October 2017 after they met through the mega-hit TV drama “Descendants of the Sun” in 2016.

The 20-month marriage came to an end recently due to differences in personalities.

Since their divorce, Song Hye-kyo moved into a luxury residence on her own while her ex-husband Song Joong-ki moved in with his family.

The couple, affectionately known by their fans as the ‘Song-Song’ couple do not have any children.