Obbana Rajah

Viral messages stating that Singapore’s checkpoints are closed have been circulating Whatsapp messenger and Facebook.

These messages have been going around just as Singapore’s closest neighbour, Malaysia goes through its 14th general election and the checkpoints see high volumes of traffic as people go in and out of the two countries to cast their votes.

However, the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) has confirmed that these messages are indeed fake.

In a Facebook they state, “[8 May, 10.20pm] ICA is aware of social media posts alleging that travellers heading towards Malaysia are stranded at our land checkpoints. This is not true. ICA would like to clarify that there are no issues with our clearance systems”.

In a second Facebook post last night, they reaffirm the public that the checkpoints are indeed still in operation.

They state, “[9 May, 11.25pm] ICA is aware of false information circulating via whatsapp chatgroups that Singapore’s land checkpoints may be closed. This is untrue. Our checkpoints are still in operation. We urge the public not to spread such rumours. The public should also check official information sources such as ICA’s website and social media platforms for information regarding Singapore’s checkpoints”.

Their Facebook posts were shared by both Gov.sg and the Singapore Police Force.

Apparently, the video was also circulating Facebook groups that monitor traffic at both Woodlands and Tuas checkpoints. However, it has been found that the video has been circulating since December 2016 and is not a recent one.

Netizens seem rather pleased with how efficiently the officers at the checkpoints are, during this period of high traffic.